Meet Me (& my crazy bunch!)

Hi!  Did you stop by this page to find out more about me?  Most people who like to read blogs are nosy.  Including me, so go ahead, no judgement here!

This is me, I'm Michelle, and I write this little blog.

Photo taken by Melissa Payne

A few things to know if we are gonna hang.
I love my husband.  We're perfect together.  He calls me Darling and more often than not I call him Dude.  Because I'm cool like that.
I also am pretty fond of my rugrats.  I have two and they are the only ones I need, they are quite a handful at 5 and 3.  Yes, they are fairly close together, yes we planned it that way.
We love to bake, desserts are pretty much one of the reasons for our existence.  My hubby is quite the baker.  Just another reason why I love him.
We also are always on the never ending quest for the best pizza.  I don't know why we don't weigh 600 pounds.  Each.
I absolutely don't believe in coincidences.
We love our traditions.  Some people might call it a rut, but I say if it makes you happy who cares.
We love our church and are very involved.  It's a family in which we were welcomed with open arms, and one in which we feel blessed to take part.  If you want to know more about my faith, please go here.

Other things I like:
Anything sparkly.
Sewing (keep an eye out for tutorials!).
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.
Taking pictures.
Seeing pictures covering my walls.
Crafts & DIY's.
Blogging (I hope this one was super obvious).
White Collar & Burn Notice.
Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Hilarious Ecards.
Clearance Sales.
Making new friends.
Laughing and all around silliness.

Things I dislike:
Horror Movies.
The flu.
Really stupid vanity plates.

Let me tell you more about the other loves of my life.

Photo taken by Tara Wilson Photography

This handsome man is my husband and we have been married for six years.  We fell in love after only a few months of dating and decided to have our first baby shortly after tying the knot.  Best decision we ever made.  We love family life, picnics, story time, and all that other cliche stuff.  Eric totally is the husband that every girl wants.  Lucky!

Photo taken by me.

Sophia thinks she is my little Princess, but in her heart she is the biggest Daddy's girl.  She is five and as sassy as the day is long.  She will tell you that her favorite animal is a giraffe, pizza is her favorite food, Elsa is her favorite princess, Pinkalicious is her favorite book, and her brother is her best friend.  She is also very sweet and very independent.  She definitely has her funny moments.  I fell heartbreakingly in love with her the moment I saw her.  She changed my life forever.

This litte guy is Cooper.  He is 3.  He is the sweetest, most handsome little boy. He has a face that will break many hearts one day.  He currently obsessed with Thomas the Train, both the show and basically anything train related at all.  He also loves to talk about letters and numbers.  He has so much love to give, it's one of his best qualities.  I was unsure what life would be like with a little boy, I only had one sister and no brothers.  Now that this sweet boy has completely stolen my heart, I can tell you that I love this little man more than life.  He is a momma's boy and I just love all his sweet cuddles!  

Thank you so much for reading my blog, I love all the new friends I make with this little page.  If you have any questions or want to chat you can find all my contact and social media pages on my home page.  I also take prayer requests by email!  Just drop me a line, anytime!  :)


  1. i'm your newest follower via agape love design blog! Your family is beautiful! & your blog is awesome! I'm following on bloglovin and GFC, hope to keep in touch!

  2. hi am your new follower lovely blog with lovely family god bless you and family love to wait for your another posts.


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