Friday, January 24, 2014

Disney Photo Dump.

I'm doing one picture dump of Disney and trust me you guys, this isn't even the half of it!  We really did have a great time.  I told my mom when we came back I didn't realize how different it would be to go there with kids.  She kinda did one of those half laugh things where she doesn't say duh because it's so obvious it's painful.  Of course it's different.  We spent all. day. meeting princesses.  Which I was actually happy to do because I loved seeing my little princess be happy.  One day she's going to realize that 5 other people planned their whole vacation around how many princesses she could meet in a day. She managed to see a lot of them though and she was so happy.  Everyone of the princesses we met were sweet and made Sophia feel so special.  I wish I could send them all thank you cards for treating her so nicely.  

After dinner we bribed Sophia with whatever she wanted from the Bakery on Main Street if she would go back to the hotel with Grandma and Grandpa and let me and Eric ride a few rides.  So we rode exactly three rides, bought the kids new toys, and then went back to the hotel.  Hey, we only had an hour!  

I mean, how much does this girl look exactly like Rapunzel??

Oh never mind, all the princesses look exactly like their fictional counterparts.

Cooper had just fallen asleep and this was one of the top things we wanted him to see.  This was the best photo I got of him.  We settled for "face in the picture" since he was more apt to not even look in my direction.

She loves her new little Pascal and insists on holding him like this.

This was probably the most fun Cooper had.  He really didn't have a magical time at Disney. Mostly because he sat in his stroller a lot and because we forced him to see so many princesses.  Poor kid.  However, Belle took a liking to Cooper.  Like she was walking by and literally stopped to talk to him for several minutes.  I guess he like the attention because he promptly showered her with kisses.  I'm proud he picked the smartest princess to make out with.  Every time I see this picture I smile.  How cute is my boy.  Also, this is being framed in his room and I'm saving this picture for his wedding slide show.

How many boys can say they kissed Belle on the lips (that's the only way he knows how to kiss people, the only way he knows how).  Is it wrong that I kinda want this to go viral on Pinterest?  Don't answer that.

"For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future".  Jeremiah 29:11

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  1. First time reader and wanted to show some love.
    The last picture is actually my favourite. Belle looks like she's loving getting kissed by cooper.


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