Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tutorial : Toddler Boy Suspenders

Today I am going to show you how to make these cute little suspenders for boys.  This took me about half an hour and can be made out of very little fabric, in fact I used leftover stash fabric to make mine.  

Materials needed:
4 Suspender Clips (also called Mitten Clips)
Safety Pin
Sewing machine
Straight Pins (optional)

Okay, first lets talk about the suspender clips.  These are sold in packs of two.  Since you need four, be sure to buy two packs.  They are also called mitten clips, so you may want to keep an eye out for those as well.  I bought silver ones and I've seen them in gold too.  My next goal is to spray paint some funky colors to give it some more personality.  Any suggestions?

First up, I made a few very unscientific measurements.  These are for my (almost) 2 year old.  You may have to adjust depending on the age your sewing for, or for the look you want.  I feel like no matter how long I make them they always end up a little short.

Next you want to fold these in half length wise and sew it up so it is a tube.  Please be sure to fold them right side in (or wrong side out).  This particular fabric I'm using actually doesn't have a wrong side or a right side, they are both the same.  

If you need to, use pins to stay straight.

Sew up the tubes.  Next, use a safety pin to turn them right side out.  Push the pin inside the tube until the it comes out the other side and the seam is inside.

Next you need to put the first set of suspender clips on.  Make sure that the clip is facing the right way and fold the bottom part up.

Next you want to fold the end of the fabric up.  I folded mine into a little triangle so the ends wouldn't show in the front.  Fold the triangle down like in the second picture and then sew.  Repeat on the other tube.

Now you are ready to sew the back.  Line them up so they look like the picture.  You want to sew a diamond.  The trick to doing this right is making sure you are sewing in a straight line across the correct piece of fabric.  It gets a little confusing for a second.  Be sure to stitch, stop and put your needle down, turn, and repeat until you're done.  It will trick your eyes a little, but just take a second to make sure you know which way you're stitching and you should be fine.

Clip off all the threads.  

Not pictured: fold in the bottom edges so there isn't any ends to fray.  Iron in place.

Now you are ready to sew on the elastic in the back.  If you want, you could measure your fabric longer and make them entirely out of fabric, but I like the elastic because it gives it a little more stretch.  Put the elastic in the folded ends of the fabric and sew. 

I like to zig zag the exposed edges of the elastic to keep them from fraying.  Plus zig zags make me think of Chevron patterns which always makes me happy.  Then you should put on the clips just like you did before.

Now fold over the bottom and sew.

Repeat with the other side and you are done!

If you want it to be extra dapper, pair it with one of these:

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  1. OHMYGOSH! Sew adorable! Your little man looks so fashionable in those! Found you from the Sew and Tell link up!!! Following on Bloglovin!


  2. these are adorable! such a great fabric print, and love the suspenders!

  3. I WAS going to try to figure some of these out myself, but I am SO glad that you're saving me the trial and error! Found you via the Sew and Tell link on Freckled Fox. Please stop by my blog if you have a minute! I've even got a giveaway going on right now!

    Sue // Chevron & Lace

  4. Those are too cute! I've always been fond of suspenders....I've never seen them this small before! :)


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